Practice areas

Our legal services consist all areas of law, especially:

  • civil law (cases concerning  payment - including damages, compensation, pensions, matters related to the conclusion and execution of contracts, real estate transactions),
  • commercial law / business (establishment, transformation, registration in National Court Register and liquidation of companies and partnerships, and their branches, drafting resolutions of bodies of company, protocols, agreements and acts of incorporation),
  • debt collection (request for payment, the judicial and administrative execution),
  • bankruptcy law and the rights of restructuring (preparing petitions for bankruptcy, representation of debtors and creditors  in bankruptcy and  restructuring proceedings etc.),
  • labor law (ex. case concerning reinstatement, payment of compensation for unfair dismissal, payment of salaries, allowances and other employee benefits),
  • family law (divorce issues , separation, alimony, parental authority, matters related to the care and guardianship etc.),
  • inheritance law (case concerning inheritance acquisition,  legitime, inheritance division),
  • criminal law (defense in criminal cases, representation of victims),
  • law offenses (defense in misdemeanor cases, representation of victims),
  • administrative law.


  • Permanent Legal Advising

    Our firm specializes in permanent legal services provided to entrepreneurs and other legal persons and institutions. As part of this service our law firm provides complex legal assistance including: client representation in courts and other authorities, drawing up contracts, legal opinions and internal company documents...

  • Compensation

    If you had an accident and  you have a problem how issue a claim against the insurer or entities responsible for the damage which are obliged to pay compensation our law firm will provide you the necessary assistance in order to deal with your matter. Recovery of compensation is our specialty!

  • Debt Collection

    Our offer cover comprehensive activity within the scope of  debt  recovery resulting from  final rulings, as well as unpaid invoices, contractual penalties, advanced payments and various types of contracts (sale, loan, lease etc.). Debt collection includes not only the recovery of principal amount but also recovery of interest,  costs of legal representation, court and enforcement fees.